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Graeme Cowan Speakers Kit

David Banks, who led 1400 people,
discusses 10 years of working with Graeme

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Feedback from one of Graeme's Workshops

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7 rituals of resilient people

Small steps, remarkable results

In times of change and frantic activity, it can be easy to forget self-care. Adopting small rituals helps us to enjoy the direct link between self-care, resilience, and growth. You will learn:

The 3 foundations of resilience – VIP: Vitality (physical), Intimacy (emotional), and Prosperity (contribution)
7 rituals for a thriving career and life
How to identify your resilience gaps – and adopt a new ritual
You should act like a VIP
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How to achieve big goals
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ICARE: How to support someone in distress

Show you care, ask R U OK?, & guide to help

The CSIRO nominated ‘rising stress and mental health issues’ as a megatrend that will thump Australian productivity for the next 20 years. In a team or 12, 3 employees will be living with depression, anxiety, or a substance abuse problem. 

Based on researching 4000+ people in his book BACK FROM THE BRINK, Graeme explains how to:

Show you care
Ask R U OK? with empathy, and:
Guide the person to help
Are you too scared to care?
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Why asking R U OK Matters?
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3 secrets of great teams

Care, community, and contribution As we rush into the digital revolution, workplaces can seem less human, and yet we all yearn to feel accepted for who we are. We want to enjoy being at work, have a purpose that excites us, and have the opportunity to grow. Based on the latest research, you will learn:
The #1 secret of great teams
How to build team connection and meaning
How to boost motivation and progress
The #1 secret of great teams
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How to combat team change fatigue
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5 rituals of truly caring leadership

A blueprint for team innovation The more employees that agree with: “My supervisor, or someone at work, seems to care about me as a person.” – the higher the profit, productivity, & customer service levels (Gallup research).

Leaders are what they repeatedly do. You will learn:

Self-care rituals that work
How to be a caring leader
How to make it safe to take moderate risks, learn, and grow
How to build a future-ready team
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5 mantras of a caring tribe
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Team Care, Resilience, & Growth
For more caring, resilient and growth oriented teams

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