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David Banks, who led 1400 people,
discusses 10 years of working with Graeme

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Resilience for moments that matter

Small steps, remarkable results In times of change and frantic activity, it can be easy to forget self-care. Adopting tiny habits can help you enjoy the direct link between self-care, resilience, and growth. These small steps are the secret to being prepared for moments that matter at home and at work. You will learn:
How to identify your mood vampires through Graeme’s science-based 15-point Self-care Snapshot
How to embed ONE new small habit to boost your mood, influence, and productivity
3 ways to bounce back faster from set backs
You should act like a VIP
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How to achieve big goals
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How future ready leaders build resilient teams

Caring, robust, and growing Are we connected? Do we have a shared future? Are we safe? These 3 qualities are central to better team performance in a volatile world. A future ready leader’s #1 priority is to build more caring and resilient teams, who enjoy growing together. You will gain simple, actionable steps, including:
3 ways to build a more caring, trusting, and connected team
How inspire team psychological safety (#1 of predictor of team innovation)
How to embed a growth mindset and reduce risk
How Future Ready Leaders Build Resilient Teams
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The #1 secret of great teams
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Building an R U OK?365 culture

Stopping little mental health problems getting bigger every day The CSIRO has identified rising work stress as a mega risk to productivity. Setbacks can happen any day, so having a sustainable and caring culture is critical. You will learn how conversations are the key to:
Identifying and supporting someone who is struggling
The 3 elements of a high impact R U OK?365 launch
Australian workplaces embedding an R U OK? culture every day
Why you should ask R U OK?
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Building an R U OK? 365 Culture
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From purpose to impact

Thrive on change with meaning Purpose is increasingly being seen as the key to navigating the rapidly changing world we face today, where strategy is ever changing and few decisions are obviously right or wrong. Graeme has seen R U OK? rise from an inspiring purpose to achieve huge impact. He reflects on this case study, and many others (individual and work) to show:
How to reflect on your proudest moments and passions to uncover your purpose
How to translate your purpose to action each week
How to link your personal purpose – and impact – to team impact
Purpose to impact
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Team Care, Resilience, & Growth
For more caring, resilient and growth oriented teams

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