David Banks, who led 1400 people,
discusses 10 years of working with Graeme

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Feedback from one of Graeme's Workshops

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Resilience for uncertain times

Small steps, remarkable results In volatile times, it can be easy to forget self-care. Adopting tiny habits can help you enjoy the direct link between self-care, resilience, and growth. These small steps are the secret to being prepared for moments that matter at home and at work. You will learn:
How small habits lead to remarkable results
How to identify your mood vampires through Graeme’s science-based 15-point Self-care Snapshot
How to embed ONE new small habit to boost your mood

Growing psychologically safe and resilient teams

Building care AND high performance Are we connected? Do we have a shared future? Are we safe? These 3 qualities are central to better team performance in an uncertain world. Our #1 priority is to help build more caring and resilient teams, who enjoy growing together. We show how everyone can contribute to this. You will gain simple, actionable steps, including:
4 daily connection questions every leader should be asking their team
How to inspire team psychological safety (#1 of predictor of team innovation) during lockdown
How to embed a growth mindset and reduce risk

Building an R U OK?365 culture

Mental health for all – by involving all

The CSIRO has identified rising work stress as a mega risk to productivity for the next 20 years.

Major disruptions like Covid-19 have amplified this. Setbacks can happen any day, so having a sustainable and caring culture is critical.

You will learn how conversations are the key to:

Identifying someone who is struggling
Asking R U OK? with empathy
Guiding them to the help they need

Live your one thing

Doing more by doing less

In times of rapid change, it is easy to think that multitasking is the answer. The key to thriving is focusing on a few things that really matter, and taking charge of what we can control. It is more important to manage our mood than our time.

You’ll learn the surprisingly simple truth about how to find your focus and get the right things done, including how to:

Write the first draft of your personal purpose
Identify your #1 wellbeing strategy (it’s different for each person)
Know your #1 work project for today
Team Care, Resilience, & Growth
For more caring, resilient and growth oriented teams

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