Seven savvy Sunday suggestions to build resilience

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I have always been a constant learner, and try to stay across the latest research and thinking regarding how we can build individual and team resilience.

1.TED talk: This could be why you are depressed or anxious by Johann Hari

I’ve been a big fan of Johann Hari, ever since my friend Glenn Capelli recommended his book LOST CONNECTIONS. In the book he shares some compelling evidence about how loss of connection with caring relationships, meaningful work, our values, nature etc causes distress. I reckon this nails the causes of 70% of depression. This just released TED talk provides a 20-minute overview of the same content – and may even inspire you to read the book. Highly recommended.

2. 10 reason why nice bosses finish first by Travis Bradberry

I once had the opportunity to interview people who had directly interacted with Paul Ramsay, the Founder of Ramsay Healthcare – which has become an incredible global success. They overwhelmingly spoke about his ability to be in the present moment and to be kind. As a billionaire, he is an example of a ‘nice boss finishing first’. Even though he has since passed away, these values are still core to the way that RHC operates.

3. AFR: Banker’s magic mushroom experiment pays off by Jill Margo

You may be aware that in the last couple of years there has been a tremendous amount of discussion about how psychedelic drug have had a positive effect on conditions like post traumatic stress, eating disorders, and depression. Just recently, Tim Ferriss and other philanthropists, provided USD20 million in funding to Johns Hopkins University to formally evaluate the therapeutic value of these drugs. This local article (in the AFR no less) explains how two Australians have received benefit from magic mushrooms (another psychedelic).

4. Forbes: Why resilience can make or break your career by Caroline Castrillion

Not only does this article provide compelling reasons why we should all build our resilience; it lists 4 great actions we can take to do that. Very practical and relevant.

5. Fast company: 7 reasons why emotional intelligence is one of the fastest growing job skills by Harvey Deutschendorf

Deloitte recently published a report called ‘Why the future of work is human’. It highlighted that in the AI age, the most valuable and in demand skills will be collaboration, conflict resolution, creative problem solving, etc. All these skills require working with others to achieve an outcome – and this is where emotional intelligence is essential. This article provides more fodder to the argument.

6. HBR: Research: People want their employer to talk about mental health by Kelly Greenwood et al

Recent Allianz Australia research highlighted how 91% of employees are dissatisfied with their employer’s response to rising mental ill-health at work. This US research shows that Americans agree.

7. Pocket: 7 strange questions that help you discover your life’s purpose by Mark Manson

I’ve always been a big believer in the importance of knowing and living our purpose. I take people through a process in my workshops that helps them to uncover their purpose and write the first draft. This insightful article provides great questions that can get to the heart of knowing our purpose.


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