Is self-care selfish?

Is Self Care Selfish

When we are busy it can be easy to forget our own wellbeing. I’ve made that mistake before and it led to a severe episode of depression.

What I learnt is that if you don’t take care of yourself – you can’t take care of others. Self-care isn’t selfish. We have to nurture ourselves to be able to care for those around us. It is essential that we start each day with a self-care plan. Here are some examples of things that you could include in your self-care plan:

  • Aim to walk for at least 30 minutes each day. This could be before or after work – even during your lunch break
  • Take time to connect with friends or a loved one who is good for you, either in person, by phone or through social media
  • Take time out to do an activity that you enjoy. This might be meditating, listening to music or a hobby that relaxes and re-energises you.

Establish self-care rituals to help you outperform and outlast.

See below for a 1:18 minute video that I have made on this topic.

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