Seeking an inspiring US woman to share her story of beating depression by May 13

I am close to finishing a book for the American and international market called “BACK FROM THE BRINK: People share their stories and advice about overcoming depression”.

It is being published by New Harbinger, the largest psychology and self-help publisher in the US, and is due to be launched in January 2014.

It features the stories of 7 amazing high profile and everyday people who describe how they have learnt to thrive despite living with depression or bipolar. The book also includes the findings of a 4064 person survey asking “what helped most in your recovery?”.

Due to unexpected circumstances we are now urgently seeking a US woman who would like to share her story of beating depression
(this story is sought to balance the gender and diagnoses of the other interviewees).

All interviewees are will be identified with their real name and have a biography and photograph preceding their chapter.  The interviews are in a question and answer format and are approximately 4500 words when edited.

If you would like to help others (or know someone who would) through sharing your story of beating unipolar depression please consider responding to the questions below (500 words maximum please):

  1. Name, address, cell, email?
  2. Can you please provide an overview of your mental health history?
  3. How did this impact the people around you?
  4. What helped in your recovery and how do you stay well now?
  5. Why would you like to be in the book?

Please send your applications to . The shortlist will be contacted by May 13 and the successful person then interviewed for about 75 minutes about a week later.

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