New 24/7 leadership program to increase team mood & resilience is launched

Scale A Psychologically Safe Culture

Recent research commissioned by beyondblue found that whilst 91% of Australian employees believe that a mentally healthy workplace is important, only 52% believe their workplace is mentally healthy. Although there are many factors that can help address this, probably the most important component is helping leaders to understand how they can help. Research published in Lancet Psychiatry appears to confirm this. They estimate that every dollar spent on training managers to support their team’s mental health, returns close to $10. If educating leaders is the solution, how do we find time to do this in today’s frantic workplace.

It is with this background that ThriveCentral is so pleased to share the news of our partnership with Brenden Carter, Creative Director and Founder of the multi- award winning The Learning Hook, to co-found Factorc: The Care Equation.

Our partnership’s mission is to enable managers at all levels with the will and skill to provide greater mental health support to their people.

Our aim is to reduce unplanned absenteeism (5% in year one and 15% by year two), lower mental health-related workers compensation and increase productivity though higher levels of employee engagement (= less presenteeism). We are in the process of setting up a university partnership to help with this evaluation.

The bottom line: Better places to work. We call this, ‘Factorc, The Care Equation’. 

The Factorc program revolves around our web app and learning portal, which has been designed to deliver mental health and wellbeing training for managers, increasing their capacity to care and productivity.

The Factorc program enables managers and leaders at all levels to develop their team’s psychological safety via:

  • training, job aides and our just in time digital support tools
  • data analytics on teams, tribes and your whole organisation’s mood
  • our curated wellbeing library
  • your own custom content
  • (the ‘Moodometer’ app can be used organisation wide and independently of the whole program to support and inform all staff)
  • identifying the triggers of mood change (the good and bad).

At each stage of design and development, we have tested and consulted with industry and continue to do so to keep all content, activities and tools as outcome focussed and action-based as possible.

We must thank our industry friends and partners who have been reviewing the program and app at many points, providing feedback and support to our vision along the way, particularly when looking at the early prototype concepts!

Thank you EML, AIA, QBE, icareNSW, University of Sydney, Westpac, CBA, Transurban, Telstra, Serco, Australia Post, ANZ and RMIT.

A very special thanks to the following people who have contributed their expertise and that little extra to support us in subject matter expertise, connecting us with their teams, honing the ‘real world’ outcomes of the activities and app tools and of course legal. Derick Borean, Anna Feringa, Sue Barnes, Wade Needham, Andrew Mosca, Simonie Fox, Charlotte Ward, Shailendra Tripathi, Ian Parker, Paul Hardiman, Tessie Phan, Julia Cohen, Marc McLaren, Aimee Willis, Kirsty Whalan, Gerard Florian,

Over the coming weeks and months, we will be sharing more on this initiative and the Factorc product suite.

If you want to be involved in piloting, testing or to learn more, please get in touch. Contact details are below:

For much more on Factorc and to see our partnership’s new website:

Graeme Cowan 

Managing Director and Founder of ThriveCentral || Co-Founder of Factorc

Brenden Carter

Creative Director and Founder of The Learning Hook || Co-Founder of Factorc

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