My webinar with Mike Schneider, CEO, Bunnings – about building a mentally healthy culture

Bunnings Event

It is always a great day when I meet a leader who shares my vision for building a caring and resilient workplace.

Last Tuesday I had a live steam conversation with Michael Schneider, the CEO, of Bunnings. Mike has approximately 44,000 team members under his care, and he is passionate about their mental wellbeing. He regularly live broadcasts his interviews with experts in physical and mental health.

Most of their staff are in their stores, but they also have around 2000 who work at head office in Melbourne. Mike willingly shared his personal challenges because of lockdown 2.0 (including having to postpone his son’s 21st birthday), and his own self-care regime.

Mike’s guiding principles for his leadership are what he calls the 4H’s – Honesty, Humility, Helpful, and Happy. You can see that reflected in how he asks and answers questions.

Our interview was watched by 800 teams around Australia and New Zealand. We discussed all things Self-Care, Crew Care, Red Zone Care, and R U OK? – and answered live questions from team members.

Some of the questions which Mike and I answered were:

  • How do cope with missing key family milestones like not being able to see your grandchild start walking and missing an engagement party, etc?
  • My 11-year-old daughter just had her first panic attack in a home-schooling session. Any advice?
  • How do you manage imposter syndrome and the effects it can have on your career? Mine seems to have got worse since covid.
  • How do you help team members who put too much pressure on themselves and you can see their anxiety levels rising?
  • How do you separate your home and work responsibilities when we are required to stay at home 23 hours per day?


All employees have access to a phone app called Workplace (Facebook’ work platform). The video of our conversation and the resources I provided can and downloaded immediately.

Bunnings are taking team member mental health very seriously (including personalised letters to each team member in Victoria to outline the support available).

Feedback from the interview

Great session at this critical time! Much needed message.

Great conversation thanks Mike Schneider and Graeme !!!

Loving this session – taking notes! Such gems of wisdom

Great source of information. All that watched today share with your fellow team members. Spread the word

Thank you, Mike and Graeme, for a great talk and advice and once again great leadership and encouragement 

Excellent live stream today! I think there is something we can all take from today. It’s great that we talk about this stuff and bring it to the front 

I love working with leaders who understand the tremendous from having a caring and resilient culture.

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