Introducing the WorkWell Toolkit for transport industry leaders

Workwell Toolkit

The transport sector has been the unsung heroes of the COVID-19 crisis. They have been an essential service that has ensured everyone is able to eat and buy supplies during this volatile period.

 I was very pleased to be approached by WorkSafe Victoria and to help raise awareness of their WorkWell Toolkit, specifically for leaders in the transport, logistics and warehousing industries, by hosting a four-part webinar series.  

 It was a privilege to be able to share valuable resources and information to help CEOs and Managers protect, maintain, and build, the mental health of their workforce. The WorkSafe WorkWell team has created a useful, step by step online resource which contains helpful materials for workplaces to ensure that they have, or need to create, mentally healthy workplaces.

 The purpose of the webinars is to provide industry leaders with the education and resources to promote positive working conditions and prevent mental injury.

 The Toolkit contains industry-specific content. My four webinars and the WorkWell Toolkit can be accessed here:

My story

For those who may not know my story, I personally suffered from a long stint of depression from 2000-2005. My psychiatrist described my case of depression as the worst that he had ever treated.

Coming out of my severe illness, I decided to refocus my life to encourage individuals and workplaces to prize mental resilience. I drew on my professional background in senior leadership to begin a career in public speaking to educate companies and communities on the importance of supporting mental health, with a particular focus on developing resilience. I have written five books on this subject, and I am very proud to be a Director of RUOK? Day.

Today I’m grateful that I can use my voice and platform to encourage people to have those often-challenging conversations – to feel safe to open up discussion through the provision of tips, advice and access to support. These are the things that can really make a difference to a person’s quality of life.


The WorkWell Toolkit contains tailored content specifically for the transport, logistics and warehousing industries.

My webinars cover the following topics:

  1. Creating a mentally healthy workplace in the transport industry
  2. Reducing the risk of fatigue
  3. Understanding the risk of trauma and improving procedures
  4. Supporting the mental health of contractors and sub-contractors in transport, logistics and warehousing.

 The transport industry in perspective

 Whilst one in five Australians are likely to experience a mental health condition, transport drivers show a 7% higher prevalence in developing a mental health condition in comparison to other Australians.

 Given COVID-19, workplace mental health and safety is even more important, yet the webinar content will always be applicable as we progress towards more mentally safe working environments.

 65% of drivers work longer hours than recommended, impeding on work-life balance.

 The Victorian Coroner’s Court concluded that the transport profession had the highest number of suicides, compared to other professions.

 It is estimated that fatigue has played a role in 10 percent of road accidents that have involved heavy vehicle drivers, costing the Australian commercial driving industry $250 million annually.

 WorkSafe’s WorkWell Toolkit

 The WorkSafe WorkWell Toolkit is a free online tool enabling a step by step approach for employers and managers to promote mental health and prevent mental injury in the workplace. It contains practical resources, such as tip sheets, policy examples, case studies, and templates covering work-related factors that impact workplace mental health.

 The Toolkit contains industry-specific content. My four webinars and the WorkWell Toolkit can be accessed here:



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