How to Build an R U OK?365 Culture

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R U OK?365 is about always being ready to have authentic and genuine conversations to help others.


These conversations can change lives, teams and workplaces. And there’s incredible advantages in having that culture in any organization.

The CSIRO has already identified that rising work stress, and mental health issues is one of the top mega risks facing every work place in Australia.

And yet, Allianz research in 2019 said that 91% of employees are dissatisfied with how their employer is responding to that risk.

So, what is RU OK?365?

It’s about really embedding it into the DNA of the organization. It’s about planning it properly. It’s about having a high impact launch.

And there are three critical elements that I’ve seen lead to a high impact launch.

The first element is having genuine stories from someone, preferably an employee in that organization, that has been touched by distress, anxiety, depression. Someone who has been through a rocky road, but has then learned about seeking help, and self-care strategies to really address that.

It makes that really resonate, really land.

The second thing, and this is I think, the missing link in most initiatives that I see, is having a very senior leader, preferably on the executive team.

Not just senior leader, but someone who is also really respected and influential and is prepared to champion the cause.

They see it as not something on the side, not something as a work or safety or human resources issue, but integral to the way the business operates, and how it performs.

I’ve seen this done brilliantly by the Navy, by Woolworths, by Connor Menswear, where really senior leaders have stepped up and explained why this should be 101 to the way that we operate as an organization.

And the third element – and I think these leaders do this intuitively – is to tie RUOK?365 to the vision and the values of the organization.

Not something extra, but integral. This is how we do things around here. We strive for connection in our teams.

We strive for a shared future in our teams.

We strive for safety, not just physical safety, but psychological, emotional safety as well.

And if organizations can nail that, all the research shows, that’s the number one predictor of great teams and great organizations.

I hope you’ve started to think about how you might start an R U OK?365 movement in your organization.

And if you’d like to know more and would like a checklist to see how it’s done, please see below.

Sign me up. What’s the first step?

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Do you think you have a very senior, respected, and influential leader that would want to champion the cause? Talk with her/him. If they are onboard, go through the checklist and prepare a plan. The Building a MENTALLY HEALTHY CULTURE Checklist can downloaded here.

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