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“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.”

Mike Tyson, former Heavyweight World Boxing Champion

Do you ever return from a training seminar motivated to change things, only to be metaphorically “punched in the face”? After sorting out a few crises, do you ever place the training folder in a drawer, and promise yourself you will come back to this when you have time? Do you ever? You’re not alone.

Resilience can be built by adapting the right rituals – but only if leaders commit to actioning the right strategies.

In the last year I’ve been privileged to take over 4000 people through my half day workshop – 7 Rituals of the Resilient Leader – and I know from many emails and letters, that people have achieved lasting change by following the recommendations. I also know that many people won’t have taken action, or remembered some of the key insights from the workshop.

Our capacity to forget is starkly illustrated in the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve shown below.

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve

A staggering 50% is forgotten in one hour, and 82% in 2 days. The only way this can be improved is by regular reminders of the information. Ebbinghaus also shows that repetition substantially improves memory – with 4 repeats increasing retention up to 85%.

What if we had regular reminders to improve our resilience?

My friend Steve Simpson, who is an expert in creating better cultures through Unwritten Ground Rules™ – or UGR’s – considered the forgetfulness of people when he runs workshops to begin a culture change process. He asked himself, “What if these culture change champions forget everything we teach them in this workshop?”

To help address this, he produced a series of short UGR™ tips videos that the culture champions would receive every 2 weeks and play to their teams to promote discussion and action. This proved to be hugely successful.

Steve encouraged me to consider doing the same thing – and the Green Zone boost tip video series was born.

Introduction to the Green Zone video series

Feedback on 60 site trial of Green Zone videos

Although it is very early days, a trial was conducted with a client across 60 different sites. The manager of each location was asked to play the videos and facilitate discussions with their teams. The results were encouraging, as can be seen by the results shown below.

The video helped prompt important discussions about building personal and team resilience and mood90.5%9.5%
The videos were practical and encouraged the team to take action81.0%19%
I would recommend the Green Zone video series to other Managers who wish to improve the resilience and mood of their team85.7%14.3%
What was the best thing (if any) about the Green Zone videos?
  • Focusing on one thing each day which we can work on to improve teams overall mood and mindset for the day.
  • It touched on personal feelings but made it relevant to a team environment. This made it very relatable for staff
  • Good tool to gauge moral and to help with your own mood
  • Easy listening, interesting and could apply to anyone.
  • Made us realise how our moods affect work and behaviour
  • Opportunity to pause and discuss as a group
  • They are thought provoking and provide a tool for managing people
  • The easy to understand language
  • Was engaging & thought provoking for the whole team
  • Graeme’s personal story
How could the Green Zone videos be improved?
  • Nothing to add
  • Not sure
  • More of them
  • Build into our daily running of the store

If you would like to know more about how the Green Zone videos could build the resilience, mood, and performance in your organisation, please contact Jenny Thomson on +61 2 8005 0344 or


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