Anatomy of a brilliant workplace mental health event

Brilliant Workplace Event

“Hearing our leaders and people so openly share their story is such a powerful encouragement for other leaders to do the same – and create this safe environment that everyone can strive and perform in! THANK YOU.”


Last week I was privileged to be part of a wonderful 90-minute workplace mental health event put on by GWF business – and broadcast to their 6000 employees at 40 sites.

I attend many of these events – so what made this so special?

  1. The session was opened by Will Ursell, Managing Director, Dons Smallgoods – who introduced this as both a mental health and diversity session. He also shared that he has struggled at times with his own mental health issues. (When leaders can be vulnerable and share their struggles it increases trust and respect)


  1. The MC was Andrew Cummings, Managing Director, Tip Top. Andrew opened by saying our mental health is everything. At GWS it is OK not to be OK. He also said that we shouldn’t be reluctant to refer to “mental illness” when relevant. Although c-suite support is essential, McKinsey research shows this only happens in 24% of companies).


  1. I presented on – How to build more caring, psychologically safe, and resilient teams – and shared that these teams have each other’s back, care for each other, and enjoy working together (92% of attendees found my presentation very helpful)


  1. Building resilience case studies – 4 employees shared how they had benefited from GWF’s resilience program – and what had prompted them to use it (personal stories by peers normalises mental ill health issues – and encouraged others to engage.


  1. Mental Health First Aiders x 4 (GWF have 250) shared what prompted them to do the course – the lessons they had learnt being involved – and the benefit they had been able to deliver to others


Cultures only change with leadership action, good resources and a multiyear plan.

Other employee feedback

“This webinar was extraordinary and make we want to work with GWF even more.”


“Will the recording be shared? I would love to share with my wife and 2 daughters.”

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