3 Questions Future-Ready Leaders Ask

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A future ready leader asks themselves these three questions about their team all the time.

Question number 1 is, do we feel connected?

Question number 2 is, do we have a shared future?

And question number 3 is, do we feel safe?

Now the reasons behind these questions are incredibly important for high team performance.

Connection is all about collaboration, synergy, working well together.

A shared future is about purpose, it’s about impact, it’s about discretionary effort, which is probably the most important component in any team.

And number 3, safety, is about team care. It’s having each other’s back. And this is the best predictor of innovation, new ideas, trying new things and being in the learning zone.

So, if we want to have teams that thrive on change, these should be the questions we should be continually asking ourselves.

Number one is, do we feel connected?

Number two is, do we have a shared future?

And number 3 is, do we feel safe?

What is in the DNA is of a future ready team?

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A future ready team values self-care, crew care, and red zone care – and enjoys growing together – THE CARE CREW CREDO. You can download a copy HERE




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