How can you help improve the mental well-being of geographically dispersed and remote employees?

We were recently asked to help improve the mental health of a large Federal public sector agency, whose workforce is dispersed in many locations around Australia.

We decided to use a live webinar to do this and were delighted to have 250+ people attend. Not only was it a cost-effective way to educate a large dispersed group of employees, the anonymity of the webinar allowed them to ask questions which they probably wouldn’t do in a public forum.

We planned a 50-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes of questions – but because there were so many questions we extended this by a further 10 minutes for those who were interested (half the attendees stayed on).

The additional benefit of a webinar is that it can be recorded and accessed in the future by all employees for an extra fee.

This agency rigorously monitors the relevance and impact of presentations and as you see from below, it was rated very highly.

If you would like more information about how to improve the mental wellbeing of your dispersed employees via webinar please email Jenny at or phone +612 8005 0344.