Our consulting starts with a diagnosis – using the Tribal Pulse Diagnostic to understand your tribe’s current status. Once we understand where you are at, and what your goals are, we outline a plan to migrate your tribe to higher performance and wellbeing. The following process and programs are indicative and are all customised for your situation.


“helping your tribe progress from good to great”

Tribal Pulse



This diagnostic shows your current tribal mood, and provides practical insights to know how to improve your resilience, engagement, and performance. The results highlight the areas you and your tribe should focus on in the next 90 day cycle to help improve tribal resilience, engagement levels, and business performance.

The TPD incorporates proven insights to understand the will and skill of the individual, tribe, and organisation. This research based approach provides meaningful data so that you can aim your tribal resources (time and money) towards the areas of best return on investment.



Allows the team to clearly identify with their common purpose through a powerful and motivating statement of intent.


The stated Intent is the ‘Tribal obsession, sustained over time and shared by everyone.’ It reflects the following characteristics;

  1. Obsession with success
  2. It’s a stretch (so it’s certainly not easy!)
  3. Stable over time (the intention does not change)
  4. Deserving of personal commitment

Only if the entire tribe believes the obsession deserves their personal commitment will they succeed.



Shows leaders how to build their resilience, mood, and performance by living their purpose, energizers, and positive strengths. Using the concept of a moodometer, which plots an individual’s and tribe’s health within one of three zones from struggling in Red, through to thriving in Green, leaders are reminded that their 3 priorities should be:

  1. To maintain a positive mood (Green Zone) personally
  2. To keep their tribe in the Green Zone
  3. To have the will and skill to help those with low mood (Red Zone)

In times of unprecedented change and uncertainty, employee disengagement has become the norm. The only thing we can control is what we choose to do each day – and that directly impacts our mood, engagement, and performance.  This workshop provides practical strategies to build your leadership resilience and your tribe’s performance.



A facilitated process that reviews the insights gained from the Tribal Pulse Diagnostic, and reaches leadership consensus on the 1-3 strategies to focus on in the next 90 days which will have maximum impact on resilience, engagement, and performance. Once these 1-3 strategies have been decided, the leadership group then needs to decide how this will be communicated and what will be the tactics and milestones for the 90 day period. At the end of the 90 day cycle progress can measured and the next 90 day plan determined.



Empowers team performance and engagement through the discovery, development and use of team member’s unique talents. Utilizing the Gallup StrengthsFinder, participants discover their top 5 strengths (out of 34). People who use their top 5 strengths every day are 600% more likely to be engaged at work, and 300% more likely to report high life satisfaction.
A Strengths-Based Tribe demonstrates the following characteristics:

  1. They know what makes them great and are enthusiastic to perform
  2. They aim their unique talents to achieve their goals
  3. They draw on collective strengths to cover individual blind spots and manage team weaknesses

Gallup research shows that tribes who strongly agree that they have the chance to play to their strengths everyday are 38% more likely to be highly productive, 44% more likely to earn high customer satisfaction ratings, and 50% more likely to have high employee retention.

“Your speaker’s rating of 4.55 out of 5 was truly deserved”
Peter Westlund, Director, Institute of Management Consultants
“Your presentation was compelling and had a lasting impact on my group. Highly recommended.”
David Banks, GM Business Improvement, NAB
“Graeme is very engaging. People listen to every single word he says.”
John Brogden, CEO, Australian Institute of Company Directors
“Graeme is quite simply a thought leader. He has utilised the lessons gained during a personally horrific time to guide, teach, inspire and coach millions of Australians.”
Nataly Bovopolous, Deputy CEO, Mental Health First Aid