Lessons from Michael Phelps’ Extraordinary Pre-Race Ritual

Whilst it is almost incomprehensible to realize that Michael Phelps has just won his 21st Gold Medal in Rio, it is fascinating to reflect on the rituals that have helped him to reach an unsurpassed level of Olympic achievement. Whilst elite sport requires strength, stamina, practice, and persistence, many other athletes have this also. Does

As a Leader, are you the Sheepdog or the Wolf?

“Be the sheepdog, not the wolf. The sheepdog is the protector of the flock. The sheepdog protects others that cannot protect themselves. The wolf is a coward that prays on the weak. In the Teams, we fight to protect our brothers. It's that simple. I will always teach my leaders to protect those around them,

How to Create a Mentally Resilient & Robust Culture

Recent Australian research revealed that the leading causes of stress and disengagement were change fatigue (39%), not using personal strengths each day (37%), unclear priorities (35%) and not enough recognition and feedback (34%). It is sobering to realize that depression and stress disorders currently account for 34% of lost productivity through absenteeism and presenteeism according

4 Ways to Fix the Greatest Stressors and Engagement Killers at Work

It appears that the rate of change in the workplace is having a significant impact on our engagement and discretionary effort at work. A recent survey of 470 people asked what caused them the most stress and disengagement. So what are the greatest causes? What is causing you the most stress and disengagement at work?

3 Amazing Tips to Improve Your Sleep and Resilience

A good night’s sleep can make large problems seem smaller. It also boosts your energy levels and mood. A bad night’s sleep is deadly to our resilience, mood, and performance. In fact, when I recently surveyed 470 people about the greatest challenge to their positive mood in the last week – poor sleep was one

Green Zone Videos Colossal Boost to Resilience and Performance

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.” Mike Tyson, former Heavyweight World Boxing Champion Do you ever return from a training seminar motivated to change things, only to be metaphorically “punched in the face”? After sorting out a few crises, do you ever place the training folder in a drawer, and

Shrewd Solutions to Massive Mental Fatigue at Work

Are you overwhelmed with busyness and the constant demand to do more with less? It seems you are not alone.  This week I ran a webinar for employees that work in the community care sector and 53% stated that their greatest obstacle to personal vitality was that they did not have enough “me time”. Later

I CARE – 5 Valuable Ways to Help a Stressed Workmate

                    When I ask people in my workplace seminars and workshops to raise their hands if they know someone close to them (at work or home) who struggles with depression or an anxiety disorder, between 70 - 90% of the audience raises their hands. I’ve run