Why you should learn to master your mood

Can you manage your mood? Could you master it?  I think we all know intuitively that when we are in a better mood, life is easier. We are better equipped to face important issues. We are better employees, better partners, better parents, and better friends.   I discovered this the hard way. From 2000-2005 I

Ann Sherry & 4 CEOs explain why mental resilience should be on every CEO’s agenda

Ann Sherry and 4 Australian CEOs regard employee mental resilience as essential to business growth and community well-being. The video features comments from icare CEO Vivek Bhatia, former CEO of Jetstar David Hall, Carnival Australia Executive Chair Ann Sherry, AIA Insurance CEO Damien Mu, WorkSafe Victoria CEO Clare Amies, and R U OK?’s Graeme Cowan.

World 1st – Australian Workplace Psychological Safety Report

Would you like your teams to learn faster, and be more agile and resilient? Innovation powerhouses like Google and IDEO have found that psychological safety is the #1 predictor of their best teams. Related: Video: The surprising key to Google’s best teams. icare and R U OK? just launched a world-first study into psychological safety[1]

“Best event ever” – R U OK? speakers delight capacity crowd

Something special happened on Friday May 5, 2017. R U OK? held its second CONVERSATIONAL LEADERSHIP: inspiring people, inspiring change - morning event – generously hosted by PwC in their new Barangaroo premises. It was a sell-out event, and after the success of last year we were hopeful we would provide value to those attending.

The 6 secrets to a supportive and caring culture

(shutterstock image) There is compelling evidence to show that a supportive and psychologically safe culture is critical to an agile and resourceful team. Whilst Gallup estimates that a team leader determines 70% of the team’s engagement level, there are other factors a CEO must consider when striving for a high performing organisation. When I led

Why leaders want to know more about mental wellbeing

Change fatigue, stress and burnout are increasingly becoming major issues for leaders. At a recent workshop we asked the leaders why they wanted to know more about improving mental well-being in their teams. After all, everyone is busy, so why did they invest time in a workshop to know more about this subject? These were

Why I tell my mental breakdown story (and why you should too)

In 2000 I was a Joint Managing Director with management consulting firm AT Kearney, when I crashed and burned (more later). Since then I’m continually surprised by the volume of people who ask my advice about helping someone they are concerned about. I have told my story through my keynote presentations, the BACK FROM THE