3 Powerful Lessons from Personal Crisis Guru, Petrea King

Petrea King helps people with the “D’s” – divorce, depression, diagnosis, death, dependency, disaster, etc. She is a crisis expert with deep wisdom about how we come to terms with life’s biggest challenges – and move forward. Last August, when I announced that I was undergoing a bout of depression, I was humbled by the

What should matter most to you in 2018? (according to science)

As many of us frantically try to finish our to-do lists before we begin holidays, it is worth considering what will matter most in the year ahead when the sun rises on January 1, 2018? This is the customary time for thinking about what we will do differently. If you want to lead a long,

How to uncover your career purpose with 3 simple questions

“You don’t create your purpose, you uncover it.” Viktor Frankl, concentration camp survivor, and author of Man’s Search for Meaning Knowing and living our career purpose is like vaccinating our self to be future ready. It can help us to thrive in the face of constant volatility and change. So how do we do know

A new way to improve the mental health of a dispersed workforce

How can you help improve the mental well-being of geographically dispersed and remote employees? We were recently asked to help improve the mental health of a large Federal public sector agency, whose workforce is dispersed in many locations around Australia. We decided to use a live webinar to do this and were delighted to have

Latest scorecard: Mental health stigma @ work

Two weeks ago I was speaking to an impressive Human Resources Manager before I was about to speak about the why mental resilience should be on every CEO’s agenda. I shared with her that I had recently asked 520 people questions about mental health stigma in workplaces.  I explained that my finding showed that people

Why don’t doctors prescribe this miracle Black Dog treatment?

I recently experienced a bad bout of depression which I shared via my blog – I’m not OK – and why you should care. I’m delighted to confirm that I have now fully bounced back and am enjoying robust mental health again. My sincere thanks to everyone who reached out to offer support and encouragement.

7 short Green Zone videos to increase team resilience in October

As a token of my appreciation for your support and well wishes I would like to offer you free access to these 7 Green Zone videos in October (Health & Safety Month).  As you will see, the videos are designed to promote discussion and encourage action to increase mental well-being and resilience.  Below is the

I’m not OK – and why you should care

About 4 weeks ago I was hit by chronic insomnia and anxiety. I felt exhausted and yet couldn’t sleep.  When this occurred for 5 days in a row I felt the dreaded Black Dog on my heels. I began to feel my mood was out of control. As many of you would know, 11 years

Our top 6 employee mood vampires – and what to do about it

For many of us it’s a constant challenge to maintain a positive mood with growing to do lists, and continuous change and distractions at work. Many employees are unduly worried by things they can’t control, which can lead to excessive stress and lost productivity. This is compounded if long hours also restrict the time that