Why Graeme does this work

In 2000, when Graeme was the Joint Managing Director a division of AT Kearney, Graeme went through a 5 year episode of depression that his psychiatrist described as the worst he had ever treated. He emerged from this crisis with a different view about how we can build our resilience & mood to thrive through change. He is motivated by helping people adapt better to uncertainty and ambiguity by following daily rituals that increase our mood and performance.


Career Experience

After starting in sales with Johnson and Johnson, Graeme progressed to becoming a Marketing Manager with Johnson and Johnson and then Pfizer.

He then worked in recruitment, career coaching, and outplacement with Morgan and Banks, before leading their culture change division.

In 1998 he became Joint Managing Director of AT Kearney’s Executive Search division before experiencing a mental breakdown in 2000 which led to him being out of the workforce for 6 years. In 2007 he launched his first book BACK FROM THE BRINK: Australians tell their stories of overcoming depression which became a best seller.

His next book BACK FROM THE BRINK TOO: Helping your loved one overcome depression was awarded SANE Australia’s book of the year. His third book BACK FROM THE BRINK: true stories and practical help for overcoming depression and bipolar was released in Australia, USA, and the UK in 2014.

Graeme has been presented and conducted hundreds of workshops in Australia and the US since 2007. In 2009 he helped Gavin Larkin and a small team launch R U OK? and is currently on the board of directors.

Industry Experience

Graeme has worked widely across a whole range of industries with deep involvement in the following:

Healthcare – hospital, government administration, health funds, pharmaceutical, surgical, diagnostic

Financial Services – retail and business banking, wealth management, and insurance

Professional Services – legal, engineering, management consulting, recruitment, contracting

Education – primary, secondary, and university

Helping Gavin Larkin and a small team to launch R U OK? in 2009 is one of Graeme’s proudest career achievements. R U OK? encourages us all to reach out to someone we are concerned about and ask “Are you OK?” and recommends a 4 step approach:

  1. Break the ice
  2. Listen without judgement
  3. Encourage action
  4. Follow up
Graeme at the launch of R U OK? at Parliament House Canberra, courtesy The Australian

Graeme at the launch of R U OK? at Parliament House Canberra, courtesy The Australian

In the first two years Graeme volunteered hundreds of hours to help grow this movement and was instrumental in securing initial major sponsorship from Medibank Private, Gloria Jeans, and Superfriend. He also conceived, created and launched the very successful R U OK?atWork program.

Recent research from the 2014 R U OK? campaign revealed that it now has 66% awareness with Australian adults and over 300,000 Facebook followers.

For further information and resources: www.ruok.org.au


Back From The Brink: true stories & and practical help for overcoming depression and bipolar disorder

“This is a brave book that will certainly help remove stigma, and provides real hope and practical help.”
Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom

If you have depression or bipolar, it is important to remember that you are not alone. Featuring interviews with people from all walks of life, BACK FROM THE BRINK is filled with real stories of hope and healing, information about treatment options and medication, and tools for putting what you’ve learnt into practice. If you are ready to put one foot in front of the other and finally set out on the path to recovery, the powerful stories in this book will inform and inspire you to make lasting change.


Back From The Brink Too: Helping your loved one overcome depression

Over two million Australians are currently supporting a loved one with depression, yet many of them feel isolated and alone. Research shows they often feel frustrated, rejected, and unable to find the right help. Often they feel they don’t really know their loved one anymore. This book offers a practical path forward. It was awarded SANE Australia’s Book of the Year.